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Jordan Skittrall

(Photograph of Jordan Skittrall on Dartmoor)

Welcome to my homepage

There are a number of ways in which you might know me:

16th August 2019: These pages last updated.

13th April 2013: Apologies if you have landed on this page via a deep link to a page on my SRCF-hosted site, which I have now migrated to here. Most pages should remain navigable; please contact me if you are having difficulties.

Curriculum Vitae

This section used to contain a link to my curriculum vitae, but it now gains entries more regularly than I can update this website. Please contact me if you would like a copy.


I now attend and sing in the choir of St James, Wulfstan Way, Cambridge.

Whilst I lived there, I sang regularly in the choir of St Luke’s, Queens Park Road, Brighton.

For most of the time I was a medical student in Cambridge, you could find me at church frequenting evensong at St Vigor's, Fulbourn.

Until the end of the Michaelmas Term 2004, I was a Warden of Trinity College Chapel, and if you are in Cambridge and looking for a choral evensong experience that feels a little more like a religious experience and a little less like a show for the tourists than King's can sometimes become, I think you could do worse than trying there.

I have noticed that many people who include a religious section on their homepages tend to have links to some deep subject matter within the section.  I remain to be convinced that this is a helpful thing to do, and with that in mind, I should like to plug the Ship of Fools website.